GameFi News #9 by Kayros Games

GameFi News #9 by Kayros Games
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Hello Kayros Nation!

It has been another wonderful week for GameFi and Play-to-Earn! As usual, we picked the most important news of last week for you.

Enjoy the reading and let’s drive the GameFi revolution together.


Blockchain Gaming Dapps Still Building Despite FTX Crypto Crisis

Everyone in Web3 has been affected in one way or another by this week’s events at FTX. Fortunately, the likes of Star Atlas CEO Michael Wagner have his sights set far into the future. Even though his game is built on Solana, he clearly still believes that the network is the best place for his platform to grow. (link)

Does FTX Collapse Affect Web3 Gaming?

The sudden collapse of the FTX exchange and all of its associated organizations sent shockwaves through the crypto markets. It took less than a week to move from regular functionality to complete bankruptcy and fraud investigations! This event affected the entire crypto industry, including web3 gaming. (link)


FIFA licenses multiple Web3, NFT games for World Cup 2022

FIFA has licensed several projects, including Altered State Machine & Upland ahead of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. The announcement also mentions two games where the websites have yet to launch fully. Phygtl enables fans to co-create a digital reward using augmented reality. (link)

Laguna Games & Lens Protocol launched a new gaming ID, which connects users across multiple games.

A new collaboration between Laguna Games, a Web3 game development and R&D studio, and Lens Protocol allows players to connect across multiple gaming experiences. These new decentralized gaming IDs will allow players to connect their profiles across Crypto Unicorn’s web and mobile NFT gaming platforms. (link)

MetaMask announces Web3 game launcher HyperPlay

Ethereum crypto wallet developer MetaMask has inked a partnership with gaming developer Game7 to introduce HyperPlay, a Web3 native game launcher. (link)

GameFi and NFT are the best-performing tracks this year- MEXC Report

MEXC released a report saying that GameFi and NFT are the best-performing tracks this year. According to its data, as of October 31, among the debut projects of MEXC in 2022, 150 projects have increased by more than 10%, of which 65 projects have increased between 10% and 100%, and 86 projects have increased by more than 100%. (link)


Sony files patent for NFTs and blockchain technology

Sony has filed a new patent that suggests it is exploring NFT and blockchain technology. Sony Interactive Entertainment is actively exploring using non-fungible tokens and blockchain in games, which allow users to buy and sell in-game artwork and digital assets. (link)

Funds Raised

Animoca Brands Among Backers in $13M Raise for Revolving Games

The latest Web3 game publisher to complete a $25 million seed round is San Francisco-based Revolving Games. The company announced on Friday that it raised over $13.2 million from Pantera Capital, Animoca Brands, Polygon and Rockstar Games co-founder Dan Houser. (link)

Xternity Web3 Gaming Platform Secures $4.5 Million, Launches Open Beta

According to the official statement shared by the Xternity team, its latest funding round has been completed successfully. A total of $4,500,00 was raised by a clutch of highly reputable VC firms. (link)

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