The wallet report #3

The wallet report #3

Top stories

SEC / Coinbase : The SEC has sued Coinbase, accusing it of acting as an unregistered broker and exchange. The lawsuit alleges that certain services and crypto assets offered by Coinbase violate U.S. securities laws.  (link)

SEC / Binance : The SEC has sued Binance and CEO Changpeng Zhao, alleging violations including offering unregistered securities and failing to register as a broker or exchange. (link)

The ETH question : The U.S. SEC has sued Binance, claiming many tokens on the platform, such as Solana and Cardano, are unregistered securities. However, the SEC hasn't clarified if Ethereum falls under this category, leading to debates and calls for regulatory guidance to foster the crypto industry's growth. (link)

Market liquidations : The SEC's lawsuit against Binance led to a market decline, liquidating $298.51 million and affecting over 110,000 crypto traders in 24 hours. Major cryptos like Bitcoin and Binance's BNB saw significant drops in value. (link)

What’s next for crypto : The SEC's lawsuits against Binance and Coinbase may reshape crypto regulations, leading to more complex cases. These actions have caused significant withdrawals from the exchanges and ignited calls for clearer industry regulations. (link)

Web3 Gaming

Aradena :  The first weekend of the closed beta, trading card fantasy Web3 game, Aradena Battlegrounds, has ended successfully. The colosseum, which started on June 2 and hosted 2,600 matches, is set to continue with the second round this upcoming weekend. (link)

The Red Village : is hosting the Training Ground Cup from June 6th to June 19th, inviting participants to compete in battles for a share of a $5,000 prize pool during this period. (link)

Argus Labs : a crypto gaming startup, has raised $10 million led by Haun Ventures to develop its World Engine, an Ethereum layer-2 gaming network. The platform enables game developers to create custom layer-2 blockchain networks on Ethereum. (link)

Fenix Games x Immutable : Fenix Games, a Web3 games publisher, has partnered with Immutable, the Web3 gaming platform, to identify, support, and launch Web3 games for mass market adoption. (link)

EgoVersus : The First Strike, a first-person shooter game based on Avalanche, is launching another edition of its exclusive tournament for NFT owners. Starting on June 7, the contest will award both NFTs and a cash prize pool of $350 USD  (link)


BAYC : In a pioneering move, the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFT, Bored Ape #2758, will star in a film by Pirexia Films, marking the first NFT character to take on a cinematic role and receive Screen Actors Guild (SAG) standard salary and benefits. (link)

Louis Vuitton : has unveiled a €39k 'Treasure Trunk' NFT collection, as a part of their foray into Web 3.0. This limited edition, will offer owners exclusive access to new physical and digital collectibles throughout the year.  (link)

Alchemy / Mastercard : Alchemy Pay is collaborating with Mastercard to introduce 'NFT Checkout', a direct fiat payment solution aimed at easing NFT purchases and broadening market accessibility. (link) : has introduced Trekki NFT, a pioneering Web3 project that combines travel allure with NFTs. This venture not only expands the use-cases for NFTs, but also provides Trekki holders with unique travel benefits through industry partnerships. (link)

FC Barcelona and Plastiks have partnered to create the "Unleash Your Passion" NFT collection to combat plastic pollution, with each of the 3,000 NFTs representing a significant plastic waste removal. These NFTs also offer holders various benefits, including exclusive content and signed FC Barcelona items. (link)


Transak : Transak, a Web3 payments startup, has raised $20 million to enhance crypto buying and selling user interfaces and for global expansion. Clients include MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet. (link)

Wemade : Blockchain developer Wemade is launching DeFi services Kurrency and Konverter on the WEMIX3.0 mainnet to enhance asset use cases and boost the WEMIX ecosystem's utilization and volume. (link)

Hong Kong : Hong Kong has introduced regulations allowing licensed cryptocurrency exchanges to serve retail customers. All crypto exchanges will need to be licensed after a one-year transition period, a move contrasting the global tendency of tighter regulations. (link)

Pancake Swap : The time-limited Trading Reward Program by Pancake Swap, a multichain decentralized exchange, is still in progress. From May 18 to June 20, the program presents an opportunity for those who have a Pancake Profile and those staking CAKE for fixed terms to increase their returns. (link)

One more thing

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