What if Youtube was a Web3 game?

What if Youtube was a Web3 game?

Every day, millions of players interact and socialize in virtual worlds, aspiring to create and share their experiences. Imagine for a moment that YouTube was a Web3 game. This would radically transform its dynamics. And the Kayros wallet would play a central role in this. 😊

Here's how YouTube could evolve in this new paradigm :

1. The creator as a game character

Every video creator would be akin to a game character, with skills, attributes, levels, and an influence score. Based on their influence score, they would be rewarded when sharing content from another creator.

2. Users as active players

In this new vision of YouTube, every user would become an active player. Rather than just watching videos, they'd assume roles, complete quests, and earn real-money rewards. They could even participate in challenges launched by creators to remix their content. Collaborating with others, exchanging tokens and content, their engagement would be amplified. The experience would resemble a Web3 video game where every interaction matters, merging entertainment and engagement in a dynamic ecosystem where creativity and collaboration reign supreme.

3. Interactions on YouTube as quests

Every interaction on YouTube – be it a like, a comment, a share, or a channel subscription – would be seen as a quest players can complete. By doing so, players would actively contribute to enhancing the visibility and reach of the creators' content. Just as in a game where players complete quests, every interaction would not only earn real-money rewards but also support and promote the content of one's favorite creators. This would create a symbiosis where creators enjoy increased visibility and users are rewarded for their active engagement.

4. Sponsored missions

Instead of just monetizing their content through ads, creators could receive "missions" from sponsors. These missions would be specific, like creating a video about a product, with rewards attached.

5. Experts as guild masters

Experts from various fields would act as "Guild Masters," validating the quality and authenticity of content. For example, they could approve and authenticate content, adding credibility and value to the work.

6. Content as collectible items

Any produced content – be it a video, a short, or a live stream – could be tokenized as an NFT. This means each piece of content would have unique value and could be bought, sold, or traded on the blockchain.

7. Integrated marketplaces for services and content

An integrated marketplace would allow creators to sell their services, like content creation or consultations, directly to their subscribers or other businesses. Furthermore, they could sell their content, whether it's exclusive videos, original music, or blog articles, directly to fans or other creators. Experts in our community could also sell their services to creators and advertisers.

8. The Kayros wallet as the central element of the engagement platform

In this new paradigm, the Kayros wallet would be used to broadcast quests to eligible members of our community, verify that each quest's tasks have been completed, and manage the payment of rewards, in fiat or crypto.

We are actively working towards realizing this vision with Kayros World.

Stay tuned 😊

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